Training While High

It is one of the most controversial topics in BJJ today.  High level practitioners have come down on both sides of the issue, resulting in highly publicized verbal clashes.  Is smoking marijuana a boon or a liability for jiu jitsu practitioners?

Eddie Bravo

Wait...what was I talking about again?

Eddie Bravo is one of the highest profile advocates for marijuana use in jiu jitsu.  According to him, it elevates the practitioner’s consciousness, opens their mind to new ideas, and consequently improves their ability in the sport.  Joe Rogan (UFC commentator and a brown belt under Eddie Bravo) is another outspoken advocate of marijuana use.

Perhaps the most vocal critic of marijuana use in BJJ is Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros (8-time Mundial Medalist, two of which were Gold, and Pan-Am gold medalist).  He has posted numerous Youtube videos criticizing its use in the sport, and has become somewhat of a spokesperson against it.  He argues that its use is both illegal and unethical, and that practitioners will only become better through focused training; according to Comprido, marijuana will slow down your progression in the art.

Leaving aside the issue of the legality of marijuana use, in my opinion it is a bad idea to use mind-altering chemicals of any kind while training a fighting art.  Some of the techniques used in BJJ can cause severe, permanent injury, and I want to ensure that my reaction time and awareness are at their maximum to avoid hurting others or myself.  For the same reason, I do not drink any alcohol before training jiu jitsu (and yes, I understand that the effects of alcohol and marijuana are different, but my point remains the same).

In any case, I think the most important thing is to train responsibly, whether you use it for BJJ or not.


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Grad student in Ecology, Blue belt in jiu jitsu.
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11 Responses to Training While High

  1. slideyfoot says:

    I knew Bravo and Rogan have said all kinds of ridiculous things about pot being some kind of amazing wonder-drug, but I didn’t realise Jeff Glover had made similarly silly comments. Is there a link?

    • Dave says:

      Yeah, when asked about what percentage of his matches he’s been high for, he answered something like 99%. And then he made a comment to the effect of “for me, smoking weed is like drinking water. I get up, and do it. I don’t go a day without it. My body needs it.”

      There’s a youtube video of it floating around. Bravo is behind the camera asking him questions. I’ll try to find it. I saw it about a week ago (linked from Nibiru forums), but can’t find it again…

      • slideyfoot says:

        Glover is a funny guy (much prefer his sense of humour to Bravo’s, but then to each their own), so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was making a joke. Still, even if he was being serious, there is a huge difference between someone saying they like to smoke a lot of pot and telling everybody that it’s awesome and you should totally go break the law too. 😉

        Unless he was indeed advocating pot as a training tool everybody should take up? Which would be depressing, as I thought he was more sensible than that.

      • Dave says:

        Yeah, I’m a huge fan of Glover. He’s got one of the most exciting styles in BJJ, and I loved Glover’s Travels. My impression was that he wasn’t joking, but was simply answering Bravo’s questions. If I remember correctly, he was not outright advocating that others use it, but was discussing its benefits in terms of his own game.

        You’re right though – Glover isn’t nearly as vocal about his marijuana use as Eddie Bravo or Rogan. In fact, seeing as the video was removed and I was unable to find any other hits about his use of weed, I’ll remove him from the post. When I originally wrote up the post, it was shortly after seeing the video of him talking about it, and I mistakenly assumed that he was an outspoken advocate.

    • Dave says:

      Ah, I found it. The video has been removed by the user, but here is the thread it was originally posted in:

      • slideyfoot says:

        Very strange forum. I sometimes forget just how hard 10th planeteers push the whole “yay drugs” angle. Though having said that, one of their brown belts has commented that he hates pot, which makes me curious about how he deals with it constantly being promoted in a positive light (though he does say it isn’t necessarily talked about during class).

    • THC says:

      your ignorance and close minded conservative views are almost as pathetically funny as they are wrong

  2. It open the issue of PED’s and Drugs in BJJ wide open, where do we draw the line? I would be willing to bet more practitioners compete while on steroids than do while High. While people push weed usage as a lifestyle choice there is an underbelly of athletes who would never admit steroid use. On the other hand we have supplements such as DMAA that banned by WADA due to amphetamine type action, but I know plenty of BJJ athletes that take it pre contest. We know the Diaz brothers are both smokers and im sure many of BJJ and MMA athletes are. Its a huge can of worms.

  3. Steve says:

    I use marijuana while doing yoga/plays type of exercise and our gives me incredible awareness of my body’s proprioreception. I’m at the point now where I can do multiple free standing pushups with very good balance and can even rotate my body around into different positions without losing balance. Don’t knock their methods until you trey them yourself. I did the same training without before but the learning while high has been so much quicker.

  4. Steve says:


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