Helicopter Arm Bar

The blue belts at my jiu jitsu club have been working our way through Pedro Sauer’s blue-to-purple belt curriculum, and last week we practiced one of the flashiest submissions on the list – the helicopter arm bar.  You can watch Pedro Sauer demonstrate this technique (along with the amazing fluidity you’d expect from him) here.

Naturally, the next night I dreamt about pulling off a helicopter arm bar on Rickson Gracie, though I’m sure even in my dreams he was letting me do it.  It’s funny – I remember after learning the triangle choke for the first time I dreamt about submitting Rampage Jackson with it (and not being slammed into oblivion!).

I somehow doubt my triangling skills are better than Ricardo Arona's, and look what happened to him when he tried to triangle Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Ouch.

Anyways, here’s a sweet video of somebody pulling off a helicopter arm bar in competition.  So there you have it – it’s flashy, and effective.  Oh wait.  That’s Braulio Estima.  Yes, the same Braulio Estima that won his weight division and the absolute division at ADCC 2009, and won his ADCC 2011 superfight against Jacare.   Hmm, maybe us mere mortals should stick to collar chokes and traditional arm bars.


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Grad student in Ecology, Blue belt in jiu jitsu.
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