Genki Sudo is Amazing

Yesterday I stumbled across an amazing music video by Genki Sudo and his musical group WORLD ORDER.  Coincidentally, I found the video only a few days after reading a list of the most spectacular ring entrances in MMA history.  For anyone who’s seen Genki Sudo’s MMA fights and ring entrances, it’s no surprise that he easily claimed the number 1 spot on the list.

Unfortunately, I had only just started watching MMA when Genki Sudo retired in 2006.  Still, I’ve watched replays of his fights, and have since become a huge fan.  He fought specifically to entertain spectators rather than safely riding out a boring win, and was gifted enough to dominate opponents even while using a somewhat risky style.

Seriously. His trademark submission was a flying triangle. Enough said.

Couple this with his jaw-dropping ring entrances, his Buddhist philosophy and motto “We Are All One,” and his amazing artistry outside of the ring, it’s hard not to be inspired.

Genki Sudo's trademark motto

I’ll leave you with footage from a tournament he entered (no relation to the West Side Academy that I train at).  There don’t appear to be many details about this particular tournament, but I think his handiwork speaks for itself.  Enjoy!


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