Keep It Simple

In my last post I discussed the overwhelming complexity of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the addiction that often goes along with it.  With so many new techniques being created and popularized, it’s easy to get swept up in the novelty of trying to learn overly complex, highly refined skill sets.

That's right, Tornado Guard. I'm looking at you.

Too often, new students (myself included) see high level competitors pulling off flashy, intricate techniques with ease, and mistakenly try to emulate them.  Sure, a flying inverted triangle might wow onlookers on the 1 successful attempt out of every 10,000 times you try it.  Similarly, when I watch Cyborg Abreu pulling off Tornado Guard sweeps with ease, it’s tempting to assume that I could drill each of those moves a ton and soon learn to do them just as easily.  And while I would certainly get better at them through drilling, I think it’s easy to forget that Cyborg makes these moves successful because he has incredible fundamentals. Repeatedly drilling the basics helps you understand the fundamental mechanics necessary to make complicated techniques work.

Personally, I plan to focus on understanding how to apply correct pressure, how to move correctly, and how to properly manipulate my opponent’s body.  Once I get those seemingly easy (yet incredibly complex) concepts under control, then I’ll focus on perfecting my standing-inverted-reverse-triangles.


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